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JRock Shrine

A Haven for all JRock Lovers

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Anybody , Moderated

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rules (i have very few):
-be kind to everyone here. not everyone will agree all the time, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
-ALWAYS comment when you take something. it is common curtesy and if you have ever made anything or uploaded anything, you will understand why this rule exists
-always put fanfiction and large images under cuts. cuts look like this (without the *): <*lj-cut text="your text here"> fic or image here
if you are putting up more than 3 files, please also put these under cuts

things that are welcome here:
-fanfiction (all pairings and ratings are welcome here, just make sure to post the rating clearly with any warnings that may apply and put the story behind a cut. see below for general setup for fanfics.)
-fanart (no flames here please. if you like it, comment. if you don't, please don't say anything)
-uploads (any and all, as long as they are jrock related)
-requests (don't be greedy please. and remember, most people have lives outside of uploading, so be patient if someone doesn't upload your request after a day or two ^.^)
-comments and suggestions (for anything really)

things that are NOT welcome here:
-people who just want to make fun of others for whatever reason
-people who do not comment when they download something/take something. it only takes a couple of seconds to say "thank you", or "i took whichever graphic". if you take an icon/background/image then please remember to credit the person who made it. it's really easy to keep track of who made things too. just add the person's username to the end of the file name ^.^

Set-up for fanfics please use this format:
Title: your title here
Author(s): the names of the person/people writing the fic. please use <*lj user="author's username here"> for all authors that have an account on lj
Pairing(s): please put the main pairing(s) first here, any other minor pairings can also be listed here, but it is not a requirement.
Rating: please use the proper rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) if you are unsure about the rating, please put it higher rather than lower.
Summary: a short summary of the story/chapter
Comments/warnings: this is the only part that is optional. if you have nothing further to add to your summary, and you have no warnings then you may skip this section. otherwise, this is for you to add final thoughts and a last warning to your readers before they read your work

<*lj-cut text="either the title of your story or the chapter title">
text of your story/chapter here

(please remove the * when doing this or the cut will not work. this is just an example for those that have never done a cut before ^.^)

final comments can be added here or not as the author prefers.

well, that's it for now.


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