Harley Q~ Drunken Prophet (darkicephoenix) wrote in jrock_shrine,
Harley Q~ Drunken Prophet

The Rush~ Dir en grey related

Okay. I know this is kind of last minute to ask because my FVT show is going to be on September 1st. I wanted to buy t-shirts for the guys and print on them with my own designs. Do any of you know the shirt sizes of all of them? I know Die is supposedly a large but should I be buying an American sized large men's shirt for him? Somehow, I was thinking that the large to them might be a whole different large from our American sizes. @_@;;; Help!

Also, could any of you suggest stores that would sell nice quality blank t-shirts? I am planning on printing on them afterall.. T^T... Ohh.. I wish I didn't procrastinate. I would appreciate this very much.

On another note as well. I know this whole tour is basically seated venues. So I have orchestra seating and I was wondering would people care if you still moved ever so slightly closer to the stage? >_>;;; Has anyone done so? Even though I'm in orchestra seating, I'm still in row P nonetheless. Sorry if this is offensive or anything. People wouldn't really mind if I crept closer to the stage for just Dir en grey right? @_@;;;

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